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13 Days of Sterek Promptober

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“I swear my daddy's gonna kill me, but if I survive tonight I wouldn't change one thing, baby, yeah I know it sounds crazy” Stiles sung loudly “There was something 'bout the way the blue lights were shining bringing out the green in your eyes
I was too busy watching you, to be worried about going to jail” his voice echoed through the room “And I was so innocent, but you were stealing my heart
I fell in love in the back of a cop car”
“Those aren’t the lyrics” his dad leaned against the cell bars
“Close enough”
“Stiles, what the hell are you doing in here?”
“I didn’t do it”
“Who brought you in?”
“Some prick named Hale”
The sheriff shook his head “You really know how to make a great first impression”
“He wouldn’t let me pet Arlo”
“Was he working?”
“No he was in the parking lot at the coffee shop”
“Did you tell him who you are?”
“Uh kind of”
The Sheriff rolled his eyes “How about I just go get him”
“No, I don’t think that would be a good idea, nope not a good idea at all”
“How drunk are you?”
“Also no”
“I’ll be back, no more singing” The Sheriff started walking away
“Oh, oh, oh, I fell in love in the back of a cop car, oh, oh, oh” Stiles sang loudly

“Sir, can I tase him?” Hale asked
“Hey look, it’s hot douche cop Hale”
“What did he do?” John asked
“Nothing” Stiles yelled
“He broke into my car and was playing with officer Arlo and he kept telling me he was your son but he couldn’t stand up straight and when I told him to blow into the breathalyzer he said he would” Officer Hale blushed “He said he would, well he said he would rather blow me”
“Stiles” His dad growled “What is wrong with you?”
“Nothing, you didn’t inform me that you hired an actual greek god to work here”
“I don’t have to tell you anything, you don’t work here anymore” his dad shook his head.
“So he is Stiles, you’re son?”
“Didn’t you check his I.D?” John asked
“I did” Derek pulled it out of the chest pocket of his shirt “Anita Dick” he read the name out loud
“I need dick too, what a coincidence” he tried to wink but he doesn’t think it went well “Wanna take care of each other Officer Hale”
“Really son? Stop attempting to flirt with Derek or I’ll arrest you for harassment. And why do you even have a fake I.D? You’re twenty-one”
“I plead the third, wait, that doesn’t sound right, I um what were we talking about?”
“This?” The Sheriff held up the I.D
“So can I go home now?”
“No” Derek and John said at the same time
“You’re going to apologize to Officer Hale, then you’re going to sit there till you sober up” He dad stuck the I.D in his pocket
“Can you take the handcuffs off?” Stiles whined
“Those are Officer Hale’s cuffs, so it’s up to him”
“Hmm” Derek thought for a moment “I can’t seem to remember where I put the keys, I’ll get back to you when I find them”
The Sheriff laughed as they walked away
“I just want to pet Arlo” Stiles yelled after them “He was my dog first you turds”

“Arlo was his dog?” Derek asked
“No, Stiles used to work at the front desk, he wanted to be a cop but since you have to wait till your twenty-one to apply, he decided to go to school while helping around here and that included taking Arlo for walks and when they both got too hyper I’d make them go out back and run around for a little bit. But he quit last week because he wants to do something with computers”
“Sorry I didn’t know, if he would have just asked to pet him I might have let him
“This weekend is the ten year anniversary of his mom’s death, neither of us are taking it well and” John cleared his throat “I haven’t been the best role model for dealing with grief in the best way so he has been drinking a lot this week”
“I can talk to him if you want”
“Let him sober up, I really don’t want to have to charge him for sexual harrasment”
“I’m used to the comments sir, I hear them a lot when people are trying to get out of ticket”
“Ah the good old days of being a young good looking cop” The Sheriff shook his head “Head back out on patrol, then at the end of your shift come back and let him out, and see if he will talk you, but only if you feel comfortable”

“What?” Stiles jolted awake “Where am I?” he groaned looking back at Derek “Oh a hot cop dream, fun”
“Not a dream” he unlocked the door. “Your dad is buried in paperwork and asked me to drive you home”
“I’m suing you arm damage” he held up his hands “Please take the cuffs off”
“You’ll be fine” Derek unlocked the cuffs “How are you feeling”
“Like shit” he pushed past Derek, stomping through the building over to the bathroom. Derek grabbed a water bottle from the machine in the breakroom and waited for him outside the bathroom.
“Here” he handed the water too him
“Thanks” he mumbled

“Arlo” Stiles face lit up “Hey buddy” he kneeled down so the dog could lick his face “I missed you too”
Derek let them hang out for a little bit before he loaded the dog in the back of his cruiser.
The ride home was silent except Stiles occasionally talking to Arlo through the little window between them.
“Listen” Derek pulled into the driveway “You’re dad wants me to try and talk to you because the anniversary of your mom’s passing is coming up and he also told me that he too used alcohol to help with the pain and he sees you going down the same path and he doesn’t want that. But he isn’t in at a place in his recovery to help you”
“I don’t even know you, and I don’t want your advice, I get drunk a few times since I turn twenty-one and now I’m having issues” he rolled his eyes “Bullshit” he opened the door.
“My entire family was killed when I was sixteen, so I understand the pain you’re going through” He handed Stiles a business card “Text me if you need anything.
“Don’t leave, I have something in the house for Arlo” he hesitated before grabbing the card then ran up to the house, stumbling with the keys before getting the door open, he left it open as he ran up to his room, then ran back out to the SUV.
“Here” he panted “These are his favorite treats, but they are pricey so the station won’t buy them” he put the bag on the passenger seat tearing it open “Hey Arlo, want some bull penis” he pulled one out and handed it to Arlo through the window between the front seats.
“Bull penis?” Derek wrinkled up his nose “They are that long?”
“Dude these are only the twelve inch ones, they also sell ones that are three feet long, three feet”
“I did not know that”
“Well don’t give him too many, maybe every two or three days, he has a problem and um, take care of him okay” Stiles got mad at himself when his voice cracked “He is the goodest boy”
“Next time you see us, just ask before breaking into my car, I’ll let you hang out with him, and if you text me on Wednesdays or Thursdays he is off and I’ll bring him over”
“Thanks” Stiles smiled

Stiles: is this Officer Hale?

Officer Hottie??: Yeah

Stiles: I fked up

Officer Hottie: where are you?

Stiles: uh i have no idea
Stiles: I drove out to the preeserbe
Stiles: wooooods
Stiles: then i qajked
Stiles: walked
Stiles: With my good ol nuddy JACK DANIWL
Stiles: my fingies no work
Stiles: why keunoard is two tiny

Officer Hottie: Stop walking, I’ll be out there soon

Stiles: can't walk
Stiles: Stuck

Officer Hottie: are you hurt??

Stiles: to drunk to no
Stiles: knoq
Stiles: i swear i'm smart
Stiles: don't tekk mu dad
Stiles: are you houng to opu me in hancufs again???
Stiles: I’ll ask nicly 😉😉😉😉😉
Stiles: hello?
Stiles: are u lving me here to die now?

Officer Hottie: scream

“Penis” Stiles yelled then barked out a laugh “Hello?” he shielded his eyes when a flashlight shined in his face.
“Stiles your leg is stuck in a bear trap, are you okay” Derek grabbed his radio “This is Officer Hale, I need an ambulance and the Sheriff out at The Preserve, my patrol car is at the entrance, we are about a mile in”
“What’s going on?” John’s voice came over the walkie “I’m at the high school dealing with the taggers”
“You’re needed here Sir, it’s Stiles”
“How bad is it?”
“He should be fine, but we are in the middle of the woods and he is bleeding a lot, I have Arlo, so once you get here he might be able to lead you to us”
“I don’t like blood” Stiles leaned over and threw up
“I think this is the one time your dad will be thankful you’re wasted” Derek shook his head “Can you manage to hold this” he handed Arlo’s leash to him
“Heyyyyy it’s my little buddy Arlo, heyyyy” He gripped the leash and wrapped his arms around the German Shepherd.
Derek kneeled down looking at Stiles’ leg
“Are there even bears here? Why is this out here?”
“This isn’t for bears” Derek growled when he saw the symbol “Which means you’re lucky”
“I don’t think lucky is the word you’re looking for” He buried his face in Arlo’s fur
“It means it probably didn’t break your leg, they want to trap the werewolves not damage them enough that healing takes longer” Derek ran his finger along one of the spikes, hissing at the pain “And they are laced in wolfsbane”
“Oh my god, does my dad know you’re a werewolf?”
“Pretty sure it’s illegal to not tell him, so yes he knows”
“Woah, can I see?”
“No” Derek huffed “And never ask a werewolf that”
“I’ve asked everyone in my pack, they don’t mind, the only one I can’t ask is Parrish because once he made all the sprinklers in the station go off and it ruined the place, my dad was not happy”
“Your human, how are you in a pack?”
“Because my pack is awesome”
“Do I have your permission to take away some pain?”
“Dude you can do whatever you want to me, I don’t care”
“Stop calling me dude” Derek carefully put his hand around Stiles’ leg right above where the trap was making Stiles scream out in pain.
“Just fucking take it off, please, please take it off”
“I can’t, it might be stopping you from bleeding out, the ambulance is almost here and your dad just parked” he grabbed his walkie “Sheriff are you here?”
“Yeah was just about to call you”
“Whistle for Arlo”
“No” Stiles held him tighter, “I need something to hold”
Derek held out his hand “Here”
Stiles looked at Derek then his hand “How about you go get my dad and Arlo will stay with me”
“Fine” Derek rolled his eyes “Sheriff, I’m headed your way, Stiles won’t let go of Arlo”

A few minutes later The Sheriff came through the trees “Stiles”
“Don’t yell at me right now please, you don’t want that to be the last conversation we have before I die”
“You’re not going to die” John kneeled down next to him, grabbing his hand “They are on the way with the stretcher, you’re going to be fine”
“I’m sorry dad” Stiles started to cry “I didn’t mean to”
“It’s okay Stiles” he held him in his arms “It’s okay”
“I’m starting to get cold”
“Derek” John yelled “Hurry”
“We’re here” Derek came through the trees quickly followed by a few paramedics with a stretcher.
“Hey Stiles”
“Hey Catwoman” Stiles smiled at her “I was hoping it was you”
“When the Sheriff calls and says Stiles is in trouble you know I had to come see what you got yourself into this time” Erica gave him a sympathetic smile.
“Be careful, officer Hale said there is wolfsbane”
Erica looked up at Derek “That's officer Hale” she nodded approvingly “I get it”
“I saw him first” Stiles scowled at her
“The ring on my finger means I’m no longer fighting over boys with you Stilinski” She looked over at Derek “Come over here and drain some of his pain so I can get this off him and see the damage”


“I’m in pain” Stiles groaned “So much pain”
“Need me to take some away again?” Derek asked
“No” The Sheriff responded before Stiles could say anything. “He needs to suffer a little bit, learn his lesson”
“Rude” Stiles mumbled “So what's the damage?”
“They cut your leg off”
“What” Stiles yanked the blanket off “You’re an asshole Officer Hale”
“A bunch of stitches, you got lucky that it didn’t damage the muscle to bad, but walking is going to suck”
“They want you to wear a walking boot” His dad pointed to it “And crutches for a week”
“I need food, a shower, and maybe some candy, no definitely some candy, maybe candy first” he rolled over and grabbed the knob on his bedside table “Look away” Stiles glared at the other two men who he really didn’t want in his room.
“Should I even ask?” his dad huffed as he looked away
“No, that's why I said look away” he grabbed a bag of gummy worms and quickly shut is drawer “I’m an adult, I’m allowed to have secrets” he opened the bag and shoved a few worms in his mouth “Much better”
“I’m going back to work” Derek headed towards the door “If you need anything, let me know”
“Arlo cuddles would be great, just saying” He smiled
“Thanks Hale” John stood up from Stiles’ computer chair and shook Derek’s hand “I’ll be in soon”
Derek nodded at him before leaving.
“I’ll bring some food up and help you put the boot on, Melissa will be here in the morning to check your stitches and talk you through cleaning and care and I’ll have your meds, it’s ibuprofen unless it gets too bad, then ask me and I’ll give you the better stuff”
“Dad I can be trusted with pain pills”
“I don’t know that, so I’ll keep them with me”
“Whatever” Stiles rolled his eyes
“You can’t mix alcohol and painkillers”
“You can leave, go back to work, I can take care of myself, I’ve been doing it since mom died”
John opened and closed his mouth a few times like he was going to say something but decided to just walk away

Officer Hottie: How are you doing

Stiles: my dad won’t let me have meds
Stiles: almost died walking to the bathroom

Officer Hottie: No meds?

Stiles: he thinks i'm gonna abuse them or some shit
Stiles: but i’m not stupid
Stiles: we got in a fight

Officer Hottie: that explains why he is slamming stuff around

Stiles: yeah i was kinda mean
Stiles: but i wasnt lying

Officer Hottie: what is your favorite food

Stiles: all food
Stiles: okay not all but I love food and I’m picky
Stiles: But you don’t have to bring me food

Officer Hottie: I was going to get it and just send you a picture of me eating it

Stiles: What if that was my kink?

Officer Hottie: you’re the horniest person I’ve ever met

Stiles: no shame


“What are you doing?” Derek stood over Stiles who was laying in the middle of the floor in the upstairs hallway
“I had to pee, and walking hurts”
“You’re supposed to have a boot on and use the crutches”
“The boot makes it hurt reallllly bad and the crutches were far away”
Derek stepped over him letting out a high pitch whistle and the next thing Stiles knew there was a huge dog laying on his chest.
“Arlo” Stiles wrapped his arms around the dog “Look at my handsome boy, you smell like you just got a bath”
“Yeah because this asshole thought he could get away by jumping in the creek and Arlo and I had to chase after him through it”
“The nasty one off the highway? Gross”
“You’re dad let me go home early, and he gave me these” he shook the bottle of pills
“Oh, I’ll get up for those” he shoved at Arlo until he got up, then he rolled over and crawled to his room and pulled himself up on the bed “Is that pizza? I love pizza”
“Here” Derek handed him two pills and a can of soda “You’re dad said your favorite was mushroom, olive and sardines”
“Oh what a jerk”
“But I asked them at the pizza place what the Sheriff normally has ordered to his house, told them I was going to surprise him, so it’s supreme with a side of breadsticks and a gooey brownie thing”
“You’re amazing” Stiles made grabby hands towards the box
Derek pulled the computer chair over next to the bed and sat down, putting the box of pizza on the bed between them, opening it up then putting the breadsticks on the open lid “Your dad said I need to give you a breathalyzer and get back to him”
“I’m not drinking” he huffed “I swear”
“I know, I don’t smell it on you”
“I’m not an alcoholic”
“You’re just dealing with your mom's death the only way you know how”
“We aren’t talking about this” Stiles took a huge bite of the pizza.
“A group of hunters trapped my family and half my pack inside our house and burnt it to the ground, I was sixteen, thought my girlfriend was also sixteen, but she was twenty-one and the daughter of one of the biggest werewolf hunting families in the world”
“Kate Argent, I know the story, I work for Chris Argent”
Derek stood up quickly, almost knocking the chair over “You’re a hunter?”
“No” he couldn’t say anything else because Derek was gone.

Stiles: Not even going to let me explain?
Stiles: I’m eating all this pizza
Stiles: cuz I can't carry it downstairs
Stiles: also you took my pain pills
Stiles: i barely got to pet Arlo
Stiles: this brownie is amazing
Stiles: you’re missing out
Stiles: you’re a jerk
Stiles: If I was a hunter I wouldn’t be stupid enought to step in a trap, or I’d know how to get out of it
Stiles: 🖕🖕


“Hi” Stiles sat down in a chair next to Derek’s desk
Derek looked up at him, eyes wide “How did you get in here?”
“I walked in the front door” Stiles smirked “I can walk now, well hobble, but I’m getting better at it”
“You don’t smell like you”
“Ah, well I can’t tell you my secrets, but I masked my scent because you’ve been avoiding me”
“I don’t want to associate with a hunter”
“I’m in a pack, why would I be a hunter?”
“That's what they do, they lie and manipulate packs to get their trust then kill them”
“I’m sorry that that happened to you but that’s not who I am, it's a security company and I’m going to school for cyber security and dealing with cyber crimes, we don’t kill people, we turn them over to law enforcement”
“He is Kate’s brother, there is no way a child of Gerard Argent isn’t evil”
“Well that's stupid, serial killers have siblings that aren’t serial killers, my dads brother has been in jail most of his life and my dad is a sheriff. So you’re wrong”
“I have to go” Derek stood up

Officer Hale: where are you?

Stiles: you hvnt tlkd to me in 2weeeeks
Stiles: y u care??????????????????????????????????????

Officer Hale: answer the phone

Stiles: suck my fick
Stiles: fick
Stiles: dick
Stiles much my dick
Stiles: Suck
Stiles: my
Stile: dick
Stiles: wait that's not an insalt
Stiles: who amde that
Stiles: go away

Officer Hale: Arlo needs more treats, you didn’t tell me where to get them

Stiles: gooooooogle it
Stiles: bull penis
Stiles: see what hapens

Officer Hale: You’re dad is stressed
Officer Hale: He is a mess, you’ve been gone 3days

Stiles: no i hvnt

Officer Hale: you act like you’re worried about his heart and control everything he eats but you’re constantly stressing him out

Stiles: fuck you 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

Officer Hale: if you could hear his heart and smell his feelings maybe you’d stop being suck a prick

Stiles: EXCUSE ME???
Stiles: you dnt eben no me
Stiles: he not nce either
Stiles: u dnt no wjat he has done 2me
Stiles: stop picing sides

Officer Douche: cuz everytime we talked you were drunk

Stiles: liiiiiiies
Stiles: u assume i'm a hunter and stp rslking to me
Stiles: nt my falt u onlt arond when i;m drunk

Officer Douche: you have a problem

Stiles: loose my nunber


“What the fuck” Stiles looked up when he realized he couldn’t move his arms and saw that he was handcuffed to the headboard. “Hello? Where am I? Who did this? You’re going to regret it, my dad is the Sheriff and I have werewolf friends”
“They know you’re here” Derek leaned up against the doorframe
“There is no way they let you kidnap me”
“I didn’t kidnap you”
“I’m handcuffed to the bed you asshat”
“Because you were thrashing around like a maniac”
“Then let me go”
“I’ll think about it”
“Fine, then I’ll pee in your bed”
Derek shrugged “You’d be the one stuck laying in it”
“What's the goal here?”
“You went on a four day bender, no one heard from you, your dad was convinced you’d been kidnapped and was about to call the FBI”
“I’m an adult, I can do whatever I want”
“Not when it puts your life in danger”
“I don’t care”
“You should”
“Just go away”
Derek walked over and sat in a chair in the corner “Not gonna happen”
“Well since you’ve already tied me up, wanna have sex?”
“I’ll do anything you want if you never drink again”
“Never? Like not even one with dinner?”
“Maybe if you could actually control yourself”
“So if I stay sober, you’ll trade me with sexual favors? What's in it for you?”
“I’m in, or technically you’d be in” Stiles winked
“You are the worst flirt I’ve ever met, no wonder you’re single”
“Well Derek Hale, we all can’t be as hot as you and just get dates by walking in a room in a sinfully tight uniform”
“We will only do it when I say, you can’t ask, you’re not going to drink anymore, you’re going to have dinner with your dad a minimum of three days a week, you will not tell anyone about us, and you can’t fall in love with me”
“What happens if I break those rules?”
“Then we stop and you have to go to rehab”
“I feel like a hooker”
“You look like one” Derek got up and undid the handcuffs “Take a shower” he pointed to the door “I’ll be in the kitchen”
Stiles rubbed his wrist “I’m gonna have to make up a kinky story for these marks”
“Don’t care”

“Is this your apartment?”
“No I broke in, thought they wouldn’t mind”
“You’re so sassy, I like it” He sat down on one of the barstools and watched Derek move around the kitchen “Isn’t it annoying being a werewolf in an apartment building?”
“No, this is a werewolf only building, it's completely soundproofed”
“So was I dreaming, or did you really offer to trade sexual favors for my sobriety?”
“We both want to have sex with each other and you clearly need something to get you to stop, so I’m simply suggesting it” he sat a plate down in front of Stiles “Eat”
“We need rules, like sex rules because I don’t need to find out mid orgasm that you have a knot or a pissing kink cause you want to mark me as yours or something”
Derek glared at him “I don’t know what kind of werewolf porn you’ve been watching, but knots are not a thing”
“Are you sure?”
“I’m a born werewolf and an alpha, yeah I know that” he growled
“I’m still trying to find a new safe word, it was baseball but then I realized I like baseball too much and that wouldn’t work and once I was with a girl and her safe word was peony like the flower but I thought she said pee on me and my dick was like nah bye. I swear it crawled back inside me”
“Mine is dragon”
“Because it is” he sipped his coffee “I don’t really have kinks, but I’m on the same page as you with no body fluid except come, no spanking, no being tied up, and no licking my stomach or chest”
“I don’t think I have any kinks, so top or bottom?”
“Yes” Stiles pumped his fist into the air, “Same”
“Should I tell you I want to be pissed on so your boner goes away”
“I don’t think it's going away anytime soon, I’m stoked to be stroked” he laughed
“I’m starting to change my mind”
“So when you say no being tied up, is that just for you, because I’ve had these wild fantasies ever since you put those handcuffs on me”
“Means no both ways, I’m not turning my job into a kink”
“Can we cuddle a little bit after? Like I won’t stay the night but like a little cuddle, maybe seconds then a shower or seconds in the shower?”
“That will be determined”
“Okay, you said only you can initiate it so I need a timeframe? Like once a week? Once a day? Three times a day”
“Who has time for three times a day?”
Stiles shrugged “I jack off many times a day, it’s possible”
Derek looked over at the clock “If you hurry you can blow me before I leave for work”
“Say less” Stiles started shoveling the food into his mouth, Derek had to get up and walk away.

“This view is amazing” Stiles stepped out on the balcony where Derek was sitting
“Are you done being gross?” Derek turned around, leaning against the railing.
“I’m done eating”
“Do you feel okay?”
“I’d feel better with your dick in me”
Derek unbuttoned his jeans “Get down on your knees”
“Here?” Stiles looked around
“You can say no”
“I’m not saying no, that would be really fucking stupid” Stiles grabbed a cushion off one of the chairs and dropped it down at Derek’s feet before kneeling down on it.
“Remember the licking rule” Derek ran his hands through Stiles’ hair nothing above my hips.
“I can manage that” he pulled Derek’s pants and briefs down, letting them pool at his feet “What happens if we get caught?”
“Don’t think about that”
"Wow you're thick" Stiles whispered as he began to stroke Derek's dick.
Derek watched his long fingers slide up and down, he would be lying if he said he never thought about Stiles’ fingers wrapped around him or moving in and out of him to prep him to be fucked into the mattress.
Stiles licked a line up his length, lapping his tongue over the tip a few times before taking it into his mouth, his lips stretching over the thickness as he sucked him down until he got the tickle in his throat telling him that was enough. He kept his mouth in the same spot changing how much or how little he sucked as his hand worked up and down a few times.
He pulled off, a line of spit connecting his mouth to Derek's dick was way hotter than it should be. His hand never stopped moving as he took a deep breath and took Derek back into his mouth, Derek moaned deep in his throat. His claws popped out so he had to move them from Stiles’ hair so he wouldn’t hurt him. He has never lost control before. “Fuck” he growled
“You good there big guy?” Stiles looked up smirking before wrapping his lips snug around the tip, his tongue lapping up the precome before taking him deeper.
“Keep going” his words slightly slurred through his fangs.
Stiles moved his hand quickly as he bobbed his head until Derek filled his mouth.
He sat back on his heels trying to catch his breath as he stroked him a few more times for some post orgasm torture “What about me?”
Derek shrugged “I have to go to work, see you later” he pulled his pants up
“Okay, I probably deserve that, but I’m going to jack off in your bathroom”
“Just make sure you clean up after yourself and lock up when you leave” Derek opened the door to head back into the apartment “Then bring your dad a nice steak and a loaded baked potato for lunch and apologize for being an asshole and tell him he doesn’t have to worry because you won’t be drinking anymore”
“Yes Officer Hale”
“And change my name in your phone” he growled
“How did you, never mind, but you better not be at the station when I bring my dad lunch because I’m going to make you regret this” he pointed to his hard dick straining in his jeans.
“I’d like to see you try” Derek flipped him off before leaving.


“So” Stiles climbed into the passenger seat of Derek’s SUV
“I could have shot you”
“Maybe lock your doors” He opened the little window between them, and Arlo’s head popped out “Hey Arlo” he rubbed his head and then handed him a bully stick.
“What do you want?”
“Just wondering what you’re doing tonight?”
“You’re not allowed to ask, it’s been over two months, you should have the rules memorized”
“It’s not about sex, my pack is having a party and I could use some support”
“You’re inviting a cop to a party?”
“All of my pack is legal age, at least I think they are, and it’s nothing crazy, just an end of summer cookout but I get it, sorry I bothered you” Stiles got out of the SUV, slamming the door behind him.


“What the fuck are you doing?” Derek growled
“Oh heeeyyyy Officer Hale”
Derek yanked the beer out of Stiles’ hand “You promised”
“I also promised not to get feelings for you, but here I am, falling in love with someone who won’t even kiss me” he tried to grab the beer back but Derek turned it over and poured it in the grass “Hey”
“We’re leaving”
“No” Stiles crossed his arms over his chest “I’m not going anywhere with you, I had one beer, that was number two, it’s not that big of a deal, I wasn’t going to get drunk”
“Hey, what's going on over here?” Scott asked
“This is a private conversation” Derek flashed his red eyes making Scott flash his.
“This is my pack, you’re not his alpha, no matter how much he smells like you”
“A real alpha wouldn’t let one of his pack members drink knowing he has problems with alcohol, a real alpha wouldn’t even have alcohol at the party”
“His only problem is you, twenty-one year olds drink, it’s normal, you’re just being a dick” Scott growled
“Fine, throw your life away, I don’t care anymore” Derek walked away, but before he could get into his car Stiles called out his name, he didn’t want to turn around but he did anyway.
“Just kiss me, please, just one kiss that's all I want” Stiles stepped closer “With tongue”
“Because kissing is nice and like it’s really weird that we’ve swallowed each others come but haven’t kissed”
“Kissing is intimate”
“No shit” Stiles rolled his eyes “This agreement is done” Stiles turned and started to walk away.
Derek grabbed Stiles' arm, yanking him back and turning them around so Stiles was pressed against the side of his Camaro, he stared into Stiles’ eyes “I don’t like kissing, I have issues with relationships”
“Well then maybe smashing me between your hard muscley perfect body and car was not the best way to tell me this”
Derek stared into his eyes, for a moment before kissing Stiles, just a quick peck. “If we do this, if we date, then things need to change”
“I promise I won’t drink anymore”
“The rules stay the same, but you can tell people, you can initiate sex, but only I can initiate kissing, and I want you to come to my apartment every Tuesday so I can cook you dinner and you can stay the night and if you want to drink, tell me and I’ll be there, no more getting drunk and being stupid because your sad or upset, just because I don’t talk doesn’t mean you can’t talk to me”
“I think those are the most words you’ve ever said to me” Stiles went in for a kiss and paused “Sorry, I’m going to have to work on that, but yes to all of that, I’d love to date you Officer Hale”
Derek kissed Stiles again, this time with tongue, but it didn’t last long because Stiles had his fist in the air like he was at the end of The Breakfast Club or something.